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Looking to buy a home in Orlando?
When You Partner with Castle and Cottage Realty

You Get A REALTOR® Devoted to Helping You Build Your Legacy

Above all we’re here to be part of your journey. We work tirelessly to protect your interests and guide you clients through the complex nuances of the real estate process. You can rest assured that we do everything to make this process as smooth and profitable as possible, so you can focus on building your legacy. Here are some of the things we do for you:


We work tireless to meet your every need and serve you above and beyond what you’d expect from a Real Estate Professional. To provide the most personalized service we:

  • Focus on getting to know you, your goals, your desire lifestyle, as well as your needs and wants for your ideal home.
  • Identify the best home features and neighborhoods that match your goals and protect your best interests.



We use our vast knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the city to find you the home of your dreams. We use our expertise to take you to areas you’d never imagine to consider, and ensure that you’re well informed about the varying property types. To provide the most comprehensive search we:

  • Provide an expert overview of the Greater Orlando area and everything it has to offer.
  • Discuss areas that are best suited to meet your highest priorities and desires. Focusing on areas that would provide the most convenience to your lifestyle and routines. Close to work, schools, activities, etc.
  • Show you not only active and available properties, we also identify properties that may not be listed in MLS or available online searches.
  • Provide you valid and updated information about area developments as it relates to the property and community you are considering.
  • Provide comprehensive and useful information about owning different kinds of real estate, including waterfront property in Florida.
  • Ensure that you know the most important information as it relates to real estate such as ways to take title in Florida, water rights, docks, Lakeshore Protection Act information, area lake acreages, uses and more.


    We ensure that you’re well informed at every step of the process. Our duties to serve you during the offer stage of the process include:

    • Writing and presenting contract paperwork.
    • Presenting the best possible offer to the seller’s agent.
    • Negotiating the best price and terms for you.
    • Acting as your agent and protect your interest utilizing a high quality education, skills and proven expertise to best serve you.



    We ensure that your interests are well protected at every step of the process. That is why we implement a hands on approach throughout the real estate journey. Our duties to serve you as we manage transaction stage include:

    • Scheduling and attending inspections and surveys to ensure your best interests are protected.
    • Using expert negotiation tactics after inspections to ensure that repairs, further concessions or altering the purchase price is made in your best interest
    • Working with the title agent so that you can have all the necessary information in a timely manner.
    • Managing and tracking all aspects of the closing process so that your timeline is met.
    • Arranging for our vetted paralegal to review all documents including title search, title commitment and documents, as well as to review and compare fees based upon usual and customary fee schedule. At no extra cost to you.
    • Coordinating closing meeting including selecting a location and time that is convenient to all parties.



    We work to make the closing process as stress-free and smooth for you. Our duties to serve you during the closing stage of the process include:

    • Reviewing the Closing Disclosure Statement to ensure that it suits your interests
    • Conveying and reconciling closing figures as soon as they are available from the closing agent.
    • Providing timely reminders about establishing utilities in your name, obtaining homeowners insurance quotes, and contacting internet, cable, and security companies.
    • Providing access to a comprehensive list of vendors and services in the area to help you create the home of your dreams if you so desire.
    • Attending the closing meeting to ensure that everything goes as planned and to act as your agent up to the final meeting.
    • Following up after closing to ensure that you’re satisfied with your home and with the entire transaction.
    • Regardless of which stage of the real estate process we’re in, we work tirelessly to meet your every need.